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Cigarette Waste Management and Recycling Business

  • 10Days
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"Begging to Earning, Wasting to Saving" One of the fastest growing ethical and sustainable businesses and cigarette waste recycling business, Code Efforts in India demonstrates their business operations, circular economy, and management! Code Efforts has been recycling cigarette waste and upcycling it into a variety of products from office stationary items to teddy bear toys since 2018. Currently, they have more than a hundred local women in the product manufacture and production team, and operations in 250 districts in India, furthermore, their model is also available overseas in Bangladesh, Nepal, and Vietnam. The core objective of this e-learning is to share knowledge and practical experience on cigarette waste. This e-learning is helpful for all entrepreneurs, students, institutions, and motivated individuals willing to learn anything and everything about cigarette waste management and recycling. This e-learning is concise and curated specially to ensure we cover all the aspects. This e-learning is a complete guide to starting a cigarette waste management and recycling industry.




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