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gdly Inc. Community Guideline

The gdly Community Guideline describes the content and behaviors allowed and disallowed in the online and offline space. gdly Inc. understands how important it is to be a space where members feel respected and understood through our activities, and we value the role of preventing abuse within our activities. Through the regulations necessary to foster a healthy community environment and culture, gdly Inc. strives to ensure that the views and beliefs of diverse perspectives and beliefs are respected, especially those of members and communities who are easily overlooked or marginalized.

1. Prohibition of Violence and Criminal Activities

We prohibit the activities of dangerous individuals and groups, including violence and incitement, the promotion of aggression or criminal activity, and the conduct of fraud. This includes terrorism, hate crimes and crimes, genocide, serial killings, online and offline violence, militarized social movements, acts that promote hate, advocacy and support for dangerous groups and individuals, and intangible or tangible content or products prohibited by certain countries. This includes, but is not limited to, transaction attempts, investment or financial fraud, false identity fraud, attacks against individuals based on race, religion, national origin, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender, sexual orientation, or characteristics, including serious illness.

Deleting content, working with law enforcement authorities, etc., if you suspect that there is a verbal expression that incites or promotes serious violence, a physical or psychological threat to others, encourages financial loss to others, or a direct threat to public safety exists. Take appropriate measures.

2. Prohibit content that interferes with safety or is objectionable

gdly Inc. threatens, depicts, praises, supports, or guides self-harm, acts that promote or commemorate suicide, prostitution, sexual activity, or sexual abuse of children and adults, including any virtual content, including Internet images, videos, audio, and drawings, offering, allowing participation, bullying and harassment, and any content that intrudes on the privacy of others, demean, shames, or causes pain is prohibited.

We value privacy, the protection of personal information, and human dignity. We do not allow you or anyone else to publish personally identifiable or confidential information. This includes content that shares, offers, or solicits other financial, residential, medical information, and personal information that could lead to bodily harm or monetary harm obtained from unlawful sources.

3. Pursue Integrity

Integrity is a very important part of forming a healthy culture in the gdly community. To create a safe environment in which everyone who uses our community can trust and take responsibility for each other, we are based on the use of our everyday or legal names. Impersonation and theft, using accounts detrimental to the community, designed to deceive or attempt to mislead others, spam, phishing, mass distribution of content, cybersecurity threats, compromise your online or data security, misbehavior; Any false information or manipulated content is prohibited.

In addition, we value individual intellectual property rights and believe that intellectual property rights are important for expression, sharing, innovation and growth in the community. All content and information posted by you belong to you, and you can control the visibility of your content. Please check before sharing content to respect the intellectual property, trademark, and other legal rights of others.

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