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Privacy and Data Policy

1. Types of Information We Collect

In order to provide Gdly products, we need to process information about you. The type of information we collect depends on how you use our products. You can find out how to access and delete the information we collect by accessing your Gdly personal settings, our primary servers and data will be located in Ontario, Canada.

1) Activities of members and others and information provided

  • Information and Content You Provide: We provide you with content, communications, and other information when you use Gdly products (including signing up for an account, creating or sharing content, using e-commerce shopping, or opening and operating a group). to collect. This may include information contained in or related to the content you provide, such as the date the file was created.

  • Specially Protected Information: You can choose to provide your religious, political, “interested” or health information in your Gdly profile fields or important classes, groups, and events. This and other information (such as racial or ethnic origin, philosophical beliefs, or union membership) may have special protections under the laws of your country.

  • Networks and Connections: Information about and how you communicate with the people, pages, accounts, and groups you connect with.

  • Your Use: We collect information about how you use Gdly products, including the types of content you view or participate in, the actions you perform, and the people or accounts you interact with. For example, we record the time you use it, the last time you use it, and posts, videos, and other content you created on Gdly products.

  • Information about transactions made on Gdly products: When you use Gdly products for purchases or other financial transactions (for example, when you buy and sell within the Platform), we collect information about your purchases or transactions. . This includes credit or debit card numbers and other card information, other account and authentication information, and payment information such as billing, shipping, and contact information.

  • Activities of Others and Information Others Provide About You: We collect the content, communications, and information others provide when they use Gdly products. This may include information about your activity, such as when others share or comment on your feed content.

2) Device information

We collect information about you from computers, phones, smart TVs, and other web-connected devices that you use to connect with Gdly products, and we combine this information across the devices you use. The information we get from these devices is:

3) Cookies

  • What is a cookie: A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your computer or mobile device and contains a string that identifies your browser or device. We may use technologies such as cookies, pixels, and local storage to provide, protect and understand products, services, and advertisements.

  • Purpose of Cookies: A site or service may use cookies and other technologies to tell if your computer or device has previously visited that site or service. We then use these technologies to deliver products, services, and advertisements, to track usage of the Site or Services, to enable you to navigate pages efficiently, remember your preferences, and improve your overall service experience. can be improved. Cookies can also help ensure that the marketing information you encounter online is relevant to you and your interests.

  • Why Gdly uses cookies and similar technologies: We use cookies, pixels, local storage, and similar technologies to display relevant content, improve the user experience, and protect Gdly and our users. These technologies can be used to implement services, provide easy-to-use services, move within the service, take advantage of features such as secure area access, and store information so Gdly can respond more quickly. These technologies may be used to collect information about your use of our Services, such as which pages you visit most often and whether you see error messages on certain pages. We may use these technologies to remember your choices (such as your username, language, and region) and provide you with personalized services that provide you with enhanced features and content. These cookies may also be used to remember the text size, font you choose, and other elements of the page that you can customize.

  • How long a cookie stays on your device: How long a cookie stays on your computer or mobile device depends on whether it is a 'persistent' cookie or a 'session' cookie. Session cookies remain on the device until the user closes the browser. Persistent cookies remain on your computer or mobile device until they expire or are deleted.

  • How to manage cookies: You can choose whether to set browser cookies on your browser or device and provide settings to delete them. Administrative features vary by browser, and manufacturers can change the settings available and how they work at any time. Certain parts of Gdly products may not function properly if you have disabled your browser's use of cookies.


2. How we use your information

Gdly uses the information it holds (at your option) as described below, and provides and supports the Gdly products and related services described in the Gdly Terms. Here's how.

1) Providing and improving Gdly products

Gdly uses the information it holds to provide its products. We use information about your interests and activities, how you use and interact with Gdly products, and about people, places, or things that connect with you or are of interest to you, on Gdly products.

2) Location-related information

We use location-related information such as where you live to provide and improve Gdly products. Location-related information may be based on things such as your exact device location (if you allow it to be collected), your IP address, and information that you and others receive from your use of Gdly products.

3) Product research and development

We use the information we have to develop, test, and improve Gdly products by conducting surveys and research, testing new products and features, and solving problems.

4) Enhancing safety, integrity, and security

We use the information we hold to verify accounts and activity, prevent harmful behavior, detect and prevent spam and other negative experiences, maintain product integrity, and enhance safety and security on and off Gdly products. For example, we use the data we hold to investigate suspicious activity or violations of Gdly terms or policies, or to detect when someone needs help.

5) Communication with members

We use the data we have to provide you with marketing materials, communicate about Gdly products, and inform you about Gdly policies and terms. We also use your information to respond to your contacts.

6) Social and public interest research and innovation

We use the information we have on hand (including information from research partners we work with) to conduct research and innovation on topics related to general social well-being, technological advances, public interest, health, and well-being, and support it.

3. How we share information

1) The people and accounts you share and communicate with

When you share or communicate using Gdly products, you choose who you want to share what you share. For example, when you post content to Gdly, you choose who you want your post to be visible to Groups, All Friends, the Public, etc. Public information can be viewed by anyone, on or off the Gdly product, even if you don't have an account. This includes your Gdly username, any information you share with your public audience, information in your Gdly public profile, content you share on your Gdly pages, and content you share on other public platforms, such as your Gdly public account. You, others who use Gdly, and we may provide access to or transmit Public Information to anyone on or off of Gdly products through search results or tools and APIs. Public Information may also be viewed, accessed, reshared, or downloaded through search engines, third-party services such as APIs, offline media such as TV, and through apps, websites, and other services integrated with our products.

2) Content that others have shared or reshared with you

People who can see your activity on Gdly products can choose whether or not to share it with others (including businesses and people outside of the public audiences you've shared with) on and off the Gdly products, so you can choose who to share with. when you need to take this into account. For example, when you share content to a specific friend or account, that friend or account can directly or from the Gdly environment download the content, take a screenshot, or share it back with others on and off the Gdly product. . Also, when you comment or upvote someone else's post, anyone who can view that person's content can see your comment or upvote status, and the person who posted that content can later change who they're viewing.

3) New Owner

If the ownership or operating rights to all or part of a Gdly product or its assets change, we may provide information about you to the new owner.

4) Sharing with third-party partners

We run our company and provide free services to people around the world by improving Gdly products or growing their business. We do not and will never sell your information to anyone. We also place strict restrictions on how our partners may use and disclose the data we provide. The types of third parties we share information with include:

  • gdly outsources some of its work to provide convenient and better service. In the case of entrusting the processing of personal information to a company other than those listed in the table below, ① the person who has been entrusted with handling personal information and ② the contents of the business of consigning personal information handling shall be notified to the user in advance and consent should be obtained: 
    ** Ltd.** website development, web services, system development and operation to provide baking service, Cloud service for infrastructure of bake service, period of retention and use of personal information until membership withdrawal or end of consignment contract

        **Stripe, Inc.** payment solution and management

        **Paypal Holdings Inc.** payment solution and management

  • Partners who use Gdly analytics services: We collect aggregated statistics and insights that individuals and businesses can use to understand how people engage with lists, pages, and other content on Gdly products. provide. For example, Page admin and member profiles can help us understand aggregated demographics and other interactions with a Page or account, in addition to information about the number of people who viewed, responded to, or commented on a post. Receive information.

  • Measurement Partners: We share information with companies that collect information about you and provide analytics and measurement reports to partners.

  • Partners who provide goods and services within Gdly products: If you subscribe to sessions/services or purchase merchandise from a seller within a Gdly product, that content creator or seller will be responsible for shipping and You will receive the information you need to complete the transaction, including your contact details.

  • Researchers and Scholars: We also provide information and content to our research partners and scholars, research that advances the disciplines and innovations they support Gdly's business or mission, and the general welfare of society, technological advancement, the public interest, health and Enables you to conduct research that advances discovery and innovation in well-being.

  • Law enforcement or legal requests: When a legal request (eg search warrant, court order, subpoena, etc.) is involved and is deemed necessary for the enforcement of the law. This entails a legal request in a jurisdiction other than Canada, as may be necessary by the law of that jurisdiction, affects users in that jurisdiction, and is consistent with internationally accepted standards. This includes accepting requests. Any information about you that Gdly collects, including financial transaction data related to purchasing activities with Gdly, is subject to a legal request or obligation, government investigation, investigation of a potential violation of Gdly's terms and policies, or otherwise It may be accessed and stored for a long period of time to prevent damage. In addition, in order to prevent repeated terms of abuse or other violations of these terms, we will retain information on accounts that have been deactivated due to violations of the terms for at least one year.


4. How to manage or delete your information

We store data only until we no longer need to provide Gdly services and products, or when your account is deleted, whichever comes first. This is individually determined based on factors such as the nature of the data, the reasons for which it was collected and processed, and the relevant legal or operational retention needs.

Deleting your account will delete anything you've posted, such as your photos or status updates, and you won't be able to restore that information later. Information that others have shared about you will not be included in your account and will not be deleted. If you want to temporarily stop using the product without deleting your account, you can deactivate your account. To delete your account, visit Gdly Settings at any time.

5. How to operate and transfer data as part of our global service

We share information worldwide in accordance with this Policy, internally with Gdly and externally with Gdly partners and with whom you connect and share. For example, your information may be transferred to, transferred to, stored, and processed in Canada or other countries other than where you reside for the purposes described in this Policy. This data transfer is necessary to provide the services set out in the Gdly Terms and operate Gdly products worldwide and provide them to you. We utilize standard contractual clauses and, where applicable, comply with European Commission adequacy decisions for specific countries, and obtain your consent for data transfers to the United States and other countries.

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