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Order now to design new life, new you!! Pick-up in GTA is also available.


Designed as a 100-day guided discovery of the fundamental connections between mind, body, work, and vision, this workbook journal proposes anyone can actualize their values and lead a meaningful life.


In life's small pockets of time—in the morning, before bed, between routines, or during travels—take 10-30 minutes of quality time alone to examine and explore feelings, thoughts, memories, and plans. In doing so, you will meet your most authentic inner self, learn to navigate your life path, and clarify your troubles and uncertainties.


Each chapter provides an introduction, worksheets, and journal templates. With a total of 18 different worksheets designed to advance your self-care practices and achieve self-realization, you will develop the support you need to create something greater, more valuable, and highly personal to you.


One step at a time, upgrade your journaling note with a series of life-changing exercises.



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Good Days Only Journal

  • Spend your quality 10-30min me-time for the next 100-plus days to examine your key life elements; self, mind, body, work, and vision. Each chapter has a guide introduction, worksheets, and journal templates for you to explore feelings, thoughts, memories, and plans to create something greater and more valuable.

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