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We help businesses make better decisions for the well-being of people and the planet.

We’re here to support your social impact success whether you're a business seeking growth or an individual wanting

a social change, our experts can guide you toward better strategies for management, development, stewardship, market acquisition, and more. Invest in a better process and outcome that saves you time and money.


Consultation with global social impact and sustainability partnerships, stewardship strategies, project management and development to strengthen your brand power and extend its impact.


Conscious marketing and branding strategies, media productions (videography, photography, filmmaking), and global PR services to enhance your storytelling and diversify the voices in it.


gdly’s ISEC mindful leadership training programs for discovering the mind-body-community-vision connection. Perfect for changemakers, social impact professionals, youth, and global citizens.

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Our areas of impact encompass education, healthcare, poverty alleviation, environmental protection, climate action, diversity and inclusion, reduced inequality, inclusive economic development, human rights, and more.

Our industry spans across diverse sectors, including beauty and skincare, consumer packaged goods (CPGs), food and beverage, health and wellness products and services, mental health, fashion, culture, and more.


your trustworthy,


and forward-thinking partner

not every social impact is the same. choose your extraordinary team.

Vancouver, Toronto, Seoul

How we work with you


We start by deeply understanding your challenges, needs, aspirations, and overarching vision. Through discovery meetings guided by gdly's proven methodologies and assessment tools, we gain valuable insights into your unique situation. This initial phase is all about laying the foundation for a successful collaboration.


Once we have a comprehensive understanding of your situation, our dedicated team of strategists and specialists swings into action. They meticulously craft customized action plans tailored to your specific requirements. The project's scale, budget, and timeline are all carefully considered to optimize efficiency and effectiveness.


With your tailored plan in hand, we embark on the journey of implementation. Throughout this phase, we provide regular management and transparent reporting on your business's progress. We believe in delivering results you can see and measure, ensuring that your objectives are met, and your vision is realized.

Diversity Unites Us, Together We Thrive

Are you an NGO, social enterprise, educational institution, or corporation passionately dedicated to sustainable development, capacity building, UN SDG missions, and creating a lasting social impact?


We're always on the lookout for kindred spirits. Join us in our mission to foster positive change on a global scale.

UN SDG Focused
Global Reach
Expert Guidance
Measurable Impact

a glimpse at

our successful story

branding, global impact & development projects

mindfulness wellness brand
mind ritual wellness lifestyle brand

Mind Ritual, a product brand to support wellness lifestyle through daily rituals with tea, meditation, yoga, and any other spiritual and mindfulness activities.

(Seoul, Korea, 2017)

Mind Ground, a platform for the mindfulness, meditation, and wellness community to raise mental health awareness and provide quality content and resources.

(Seoul, Korea, 2020)

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