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Our special launching promotion with the Ultimate Self-care Kit! 

** Free Shipping within Canada**


🛀LEMAHA Guasha Massage Tool set x gdly Journal Book🧘



LEMAHA encourages taking 3 minutes out of the ceaseless cycle of our daily lives to focus on ourselves through personal skincare.


Beautiful, intuitive, and meticulously designed, the LEMAHA guasha is a third-generation guasha inspired by the traditional water buffalo horn ring guasha and made with eco-friendly materials.

  • An optimal grip that eliminates wrist pain and turns the guasha into an extension of the hand!  Based on the ring as the most intuitive shape for self-massaging, the design ensures the LEMAHA Guasha is completely secure and stable in the hand once hooked onto the finger.
  • Curves tailored to the natural contours of the body. Engineered to perfectly fit the body’s curvature, the curved design finds the best angles to accurately target pressure points.
  • Use two guashas to simultaneously massage either side of the face and encourage balance. The holder provides a convenient place to store your tools.


Ceramics is stronger than rose quartz and warmer than metal. Korean white clay is an environmentally friendly, clean, and breathable material free of impurities and metal oxides. White clay ceramics are not only highly safe and beneficial for the body, they also boast excellent durability and beautiful aesthetics. The LEMAHA Guasha is made solely with 100% Korean white clay. Fully tested for lead, cadmium, arsenic, and other heavy metals, the LEMAHA Guasha can be used with peace of mind.


*NOTE: Variations that come out of the hand-making process are not defects: small scratches on the gold leaf logo, differences in logo placement, marks or unevenness in the glazing, pinholes, traces of iron, and joint lines.



In life's small pockets of time—in the morning, before bed, between routines, or during travels—take 10-30 minutes of quality time alone to examine and explore feelings, thoughts, memories, and plans. In doing so, you will meet your most authentic inner self, learn to navigate your life path, and clarify your troubles and uncertainties.


Designed as a 100-day guided discovery of the fundamental connections between mind, body, work, and vision, this workbook journal proposes anyone can actualize their values and lead a meaningful life.


Each chapter provides an introduction, worksheets, and journal templates. With a total of 18 different worksheets designed to advance your self-care practices and achieve self-realization, you will develop the support you need to create something greater, more valuable, and highly personal to you.


One step at a time, upgrade your journaling note with a series of life-changing exercises.

[Free Shipping 🇨🇦] Self-care Set! (Journal & Guasha Massage Tool)

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