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we envision a world where every business pursues social impact and social value creation. 

gdly is a boutique consulting practice specializing in mindfulness-based leadership, social impact management, strategies, and partnerships. With a focus on both the public and private sectors, we offer bespoke consulting services to a diverse range of clients, including private companies, startups, academic institutions, not-for-profits, municipalities, crown corporations, and agencies.

Our globally experienced team of specialists and experts brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to support your organization, no matter where you are located or what your target market is. We pride ourselves on our client-centric approach, tailoring our services to meet your unique needs. 


We believe that businesses and lifestyles should not solely serve self-interest, as our human ecosystem and livelihood are deeply intertwined with our communities and nature. Human society has grappled with self-inflicted cultural, social, and environmental wounds in a world marked by intense industrialization, unchecked capitalism, and rampant materialism. We stand for the collective responsibility of every business, brand, leader, and individual to contribute to the creation of a better future. We advocate for the consideration of the triple bottom line - profit, people, and planet.


Our commitment lies in purposeful innovation, holistic strategies, and sustainable approaches, all encapsulated in what we term the "New Life Movement." We invite you to join our movement as we strive for a more purposeful and values-driven world.


We advocate for the equality of mental health, well-being, and holistic lifestyle to living well for any individuals and communities.


Our forward-thinking and solution-driven strategies and storytelling always value long-term sustainable approaches for the good of the environment, biodiversity, and future generations.


We believe the key to your success is a collaborative, cooperative relationship built on integrity upheld through diverse dialoguing and process transparency with all stakeholders.  

good days only for all

Led by motivated professionals and young leaders, our team members leverage their respective knowledge, experience, and skills to bring our clients a tailored experience.  gdly Inc. founder & CEO AJung Kim is a globally experienced impact & development strategist working with NGOs, governments, corporates, and startups across Asia, North America, Central America, and Africa for over a decade. Her exclusive and extensive insights in management and stewardship help organizations evolve by actualizing their vision and values at the organizational and individual levels.

your impact visionaries, our change leaders

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